How to use our website (Sema Jobs) to post your skills

If you would like to be listed on our website so that employers or people looking for someone skilled to give a contract or job to can locate you easily, then you are on the right spot at the right time! isn’t that amazing?

Below are the steps to get you a successful listing with us which will guarantee successful results.

  1. Click where we have Submit Your Details
  2. Fill in information on the required fields
  3. Add your picture below,
  4. Click Next
  5. It will give you an option to preview how your listing will look like, if you are satisfied with it you click publish. If not, you can go back and edit listing.
  6. Next you will be required to choose a package depending with whether your job is casual or professional where we have Purchase Package. Note that you will be listed for 30 days after you pay, from there if you need to have yourself listed for more days, you will be required to renew your package after it expires.
  7. After you click submit, you will land on the billing details page which after you fill the details will enable you to easily make payment via M-pesa, this will be initiated on the phone number that you add on the phone field.
  8. Once you have paid successfully, we shall be notified and approve you to be listed on our website.

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